How Long Music Has Existed Through all Times

Have you ever wondered what is the oldest thing in the world? You might think of time but what is another thing besides time that is the oldest thing in the world? How about music? Music has been around for quite some time so sometimes you might forget that it always existed even if you are just walking in the park or talking to your friend. The thing about music is that people think of it as only using a musical instrument, but that isn’t the case because music doesn’t always need to involve musical instrument. When you start using your voice, then you are already. Music, after all, shouldn’t be limited to something because music is all around and for everyone to enjoy. Even toddlers and seniors would still appreciate music and will continue to love listening to music because music is after all for the soul as well.

Because music has been around for a long time, you would think of it as something really old. That is why no matter how people evolve music will always be there still. Music is, after all, another version of freedom because even when you talk it can be a form of music or when you hear the sound of someone’s foot step it can be music.

There is no stopping the creation of music because whether you like it or not music will always be there. Did you also know that music can help you or heal you because there is music that will sound so refreshing and relaxing that you would forget all of your problema and stress in life? You could even say that music is your medicine and also that music is good for the soul because without music the world will be black and white or the life of a mime. That is why with music there will always be life and color in the world because it helps make things happen.

Music is part of how you grow up because it can’t be helped that sometimes you start humming some music without thinking about it. Music can even be a whole new method to teaching because sometimes when you sing out something, it would be easier for you to remember. That is why kids would easily remember the lyrics to a nursery rhyme song because there is music with it. Even as you grow old music can still help you with new things because the sound of the trees is moving and the sounds of the sprinklers can be made into amazing music.

Truly music has shaped the world because people have become happier and they would feel like there is more to life than meets the eye. Can you ever imagine a world where there is no music? It would be hard to imagine right because you have been living in music your whole life without noticing it. After all the entire best thing about music is that it is for all ages and genders because there is no limit on what music is for. No one can truly claim music. You might give credit to someone who is good in music but after a while some other person might claim that title. It only comes to show that music is for everyone to enjoy and no one should ever think that music is only for them because music is everywhere and you just have to try looking for it to hear it.